Advocacy, education and outreach in support of Vancouver's public spaces


Advocacy, media outreach and letter writing – The VPSN has a strong track record in its advocacy efforts related to surveillance and security, especially in its efforts to publicize issues in the media. Issues we have offered public commentary on include City of Vancouver surveillance guidelines (May 2012), surveillance in schools (May 2010), the Olympic surveillance legacy (2009-2011), and the Downtown Ambassadors (December 2007).


Camera mapping – Several times in the history of the VPSN, we have mapped different areas of the city for surveillance cameras, most recently in Summer 2009. This data is an important tool in our advocacy work, as so little reliable data exists about the extent of cameras affecting public space.


Spectacle of Surveillance Art Exhibit – In partnership with Simon Fraser University, we presented an art exhibit on the theme of surveillance in the city. Local and international artists submitted work, and the exhibit was presented as part of the New Transparency Project’s Surveillance Games conference, a gathering of international academics focusing on the impacts of surveillance escalation during mega-events. University partner Dr. Richard Smith led a surveillance tour as part of the conference.