Advocacy, education and outreach in support of Vancouver's public spaces

The VPSN serves as a trusted, independent voice for public space in Vancouver. We aim to champion public space in a timely, relevant and insightful manner – and with a view to promoting the public good.

We like to advocacy for good public space in a variety of ways. Successful advocacy isn’t about finger-wagging; rather, it’s about showcasing the positives, and raising awareness around the inherint potential of good public space. Advocacy means raising awareness through tried and true methods – letters and deputations – along with a varriety creative means. We like to think that almost all of our projects have an advocacy component – because our hope is that each and every initiative we engage in will help to create better, more vibrant places for people.

Selected Recent Advocacy


You can find lots of other examples of our advocacy work on our various working group pages, or via the VPSN Blog.