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19-306-06-Participatory Budgeting-FB Democratizing City finances: the West End Participatory Budget Process

Do you live, work, or volunteer in the West End? If so, you can cast a vote in the City’s first Participatory Budget initiative. 14 ideas are vying for support. We’re not picking any favourites, but there are some great... Continue reading »

February 2, 2020   |   0 comments
200102 - CVA 99-2100 - New Year's Day swim - 1930 TBTPS: Polar Bear Swim in 1930 & 1968

In honour of yesterday’s 100th annual Polar Bear Swim, today’s #TBTPS shows the scene on New Year’s Day in 1930 (lead image) and again in 1968. Check out the English Bay Pier – not to mention the fantastic swim trunks –... Continue reading »

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Mint Plaza, San Francisco, is a publicly owned space managed by a nonprofit corporation. Photo: Sergio Ruiz on Flickr. Photo: Sergio Ruiz on Flickr. Plaza stewardship: Taking care of our gathering places

By VPSN Plaza Stewardship committee When a plaza forms a part of urban space, who looks after it? Who oversees its upkeep, who decides what events take place there, and how are these decisions managed? Approaches to these questions fall... Continue reading »

March 22, 2017   |   0 comments
100-in-1... just one (hundred) of the many things to do today! Saturday adventures in public space

Looking for some fun and engaging public-space related things to do today? There’s lots and lots to do – from farmers markets to beach picnics to – yes – a chance to explore our civic landfill. We’ve picked four of... Continue reading »

June 6, 2015   |   0 comments
Polar Bear Swim, 2011 (by Michael Kalus) The 2014 Polar Bear Swim – New Year’s Day at English Bay

Polar Bear Swim, 2011. Photo by Michael Kalus Curglaff. The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into cold water. (This public space ‘word of the day’ comes courtesy of John Jamiesons’s Etymological Scottish Dictionary, 1808. As reported in... Continue reading »

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