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Canada 150+ Logo Canada 150+ : place naming and re-naming, design principles, and commemoration

Earlier today, City Council discussed the idea of a new project to mark the Canada 150+ celebrations. It came in the form of a Council motion that touched upon place naming (and re-naming), indigenous design principles, mapping commemorative plaques and more.... Continue reading »

March 28, 2017   |   0 comments
Tatlow Creek restoration area. Image: Paul Sangha Landscape Architecture Improving our urban watershed: Tatlow and Volunteer Park stream restoration

By Michelle Pollard, VPSN vice-chair and volunteer coordinator On March 8, 2017, I braved the rain to attend a City of Vancouver open house at Volunteer Park that sought public input on plans to restore historic Tatlow Creek. I’m particularly... Continue reading »

March 25, 2017   |   0 comments
Broadway extension of the Millennium Line 2017–18 federal budget: $2.2 billion for regional transit and transportation

The 2017–18 Federal budget contained some important news for Metro Vancouver, including a $2.2-billion commitment to support regional transit and transportation infrastructure. This is the largest federal investment in our transit in at least two decades, and it will help... Continue reading »

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Mint Plaza, San Francisco, is a publicly owned space managed by a nonprofit corporation. Photo: Sergio Ruiz on Flickr. Photo: Sergio Ruiz on Flickr. Plaza stewardship: Taking care of our gathering places

By VPSN Plaza Stewardship committee When a plaza forms a part of urban space, who looks after it? Who oversees its upkeep, who decides what events take place there, and how are these decisions managed? Approaches to these questions fall... Continue reading »

March 22, 2017   |   0 comments
Third Beach south Spring events happening right now: Politics and heritage

The happiest of springs to you all from the VPSN! Some really exciting events are coming up, starting tonight! Thinking politics Monday, March 20 (tonight!): Tankers, Climate and Economy Hosted by: MLAs George Heyman, David Eby and Melanie Mark When:... Continue reading »

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