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Commercial Street Reallocation Street Reallocation in Vancouver: 5 Ideas for City Council

Earlier this month, City Council introduced a motion to consider Reallocating Road Use to Support Shared Use During Pandemic. Discussion on the motion started, but Councillors ran out of time during the meeting, and the “debate and decision” component of the... Continue reading »

May 26, 2020   |   0 comments
Maple Tree Square - patio seating - 1970s. Your support needed: COVID-Recovery & Public Space at City Council

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, City Council will be considering two motions related to the use of public space as part of COVID-19 response and recovery. These concern Expanding and enhancing patio space (Motion B2); and Reallocating road space... Continue reading »

May 11, 2020   |   0 comments
Sunbathing in Sutcliffe Park. Photo by Lex Dominiak. PS I Love You – Well-being Edition. A forum to share your stories!

Public life and public spaces in Vancouver have seen many changes and reinterpretations as a consequence of COVID-19. One thing that has been central to the experience of the pandemic: a realization of how important public spaces are to our individual and... Continue reading »

May 10, 2020   |   0 comments
p1410595 - Reduced COVID-19 Response: FOUR Big Moves to Support Safe and Open Streets

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating critical challenges for Vancouver’s public spaces, and in particular our sidewalks and recreational routes. In response, several cities around the world have taken action to reallocate street space for pedestrian and cycling usage. The reallocation... Continue reading »

April 7, 2020   |   0 comments
image1 (4) Vancouver Day 134+

Happy 134+ birthday Vancouver! The city was officially incorporated* on this day in 1886. Here’s a picture of how it looked from the waterfront back then. You can find more on a blog post we wrote a few years back.... Continue reading »

April 6, 2020   |   0 comments