Advocacy, education and outreach in support of Vancouver's public spaces

The Vancouver Public Space Network is an all volunteer, non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and enhancing public space for the benefit of all Vancouverites.

Our members and supporters are drawn from all walks of life and all corners of Vancouver, united by a shared belief in the essential role of public space as part of a vibrant urban environment. Through our diverse working groups, we engage in a broad range of public space issues. Our core activities include projects, events and placemaking, advocacy, research and analysis, and communications.

As an independent voice for public space, we promote creative, community-oriented urban design and foster public dialogue on important civic issues. Through our work we work we advocate for pedestrians’ rights, challenge the encroachment of advertising and corporatization in public spaces, monitor the growth of street surveillance, lead the conversation on downtown public spaces and a central public plaza, and fight for better public transportation… along with a whole lot more!

But we also like to have fun. Whether we’re organizing public art and laser graffiti, hosting a lunch party in the middle of city streets, or throwing our annual SkyTrain party, we love to find new and exciting ways to bring public space to life.

The VPSN was founded in 2006, and we’ve been growing ever since, welcoming new members and taking on new challenges. Our growth is a testament to the large and growing number of Vancouverites who want their city to be a vibrant, fun, and inclusive place for all.

You can read more about our key activities and areas of focus by taking a look at Our Work.