Advocacy, education and outreach in support of Vancouver's public spaces

Question 10. Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself or your platform?

Gwen GIESBRECHT – #201 – (COPE): “I would say the past four years on the Park board has been very rewarding. The extent to which my own knowledge has grown inspires me to seek a 2nd term. I look forward to continuing if re-elected and thank you for your support.”

Tom DIGBY – #203 – (Green): I first began to understand the significance of Public Space as a concept during my 4 years as a Commissioner with the Vancouver City Planning Commission (2001-2004). I realize now how powerful public spaces are for community building.

Carla FRENKEL – #204 – (Vision Vancouver): “Since June, I have been actively cycling every bike path in the city, aiming to visit all of Vancouver’s parks and community centres. Along the way I learned more about the relationships of parks to each other, siting and adjacencies. I have studied trends, inequities and noticed where community activation makes a difference. I look forward to carrying this energy and curiosity to the Park Board.”

Andrea PINOCHET-ESCUDERO – #206 – (Vote Socialist): “I am an advocate and I lived in poverty growing up. One of the main reasons I am running in this election is to make Vancouver park and rec more equitable. My advocacy for the free Shuttle bus around Stanley Park, for example, is informed by my experience growing up raised by a single mom who never had a car. Our only of getting to Stanley Park at all was by bus.”

Caitlin STOCKWELL – #209Serena Jackson – #213Tiyaltelut Kristen Rivers – #226 (OneCity – Joint Submission): “Thank you for your advocacy, VPSN and VPSN supporters! You can learn more about the OneCity Park Board platform here:

ROLLERGIRL – #211 – (Independent): “Hi my name is roller girl we should have sustainable fruits and vegetables and greenhouses we also should have the city park board and the school board collaborate together because when the schools are closed the green spaces are not being used we can have activities and baseball soccer or whatever else I hope I get elected.

The public wants Unleashed perks been around it the public wants also fresh fruits fruits and vegetables grown in green spaces 24/7 12 12 months a year also there should be returned to the baseball field at the Oklahoma park it was taken away that’s one of the original baseball teams in Vancouver or in Canada I feel that the downtown east side just no activities for them there’s no other way to go but the drugs there’s no baseball team there’s no hockey team we need to make our public more physical fits and mental fit our mental health is very very important we need to deal with it individually and there’s needs to be resources.”

John IRWIN – #212 – (Vision Vancouver): “I hold a PhD specializing in sustainable urban development, work as a lecturer at Simon Fraser University and Alexander College and have also worked as a policy analyst for the Tenant’s Rights Action Coalition (now the Tenant Resource Advisory Centre) and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, B.C. office. I worked in fair trade retail from 1996 to 2004. I am the father of three school-aged kids and live in the Fairview neighbourhood.

I have served on several boards including the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation, Friends of False Creek (now the False Creek Watershed Society) and the West End Residents Association. I was chair of the Henry Hudson Out-of-School Society and I am an advocate for affordable childcare.

I am running for reelection with Vision Vancouver as a park board commissioner, as I think that we have much more to achieve regarding the climate crisis, active transportation, ‘reconcili-action’ and accessible and affordable parks and recreation. In my first term, I brought forward many successful motions: the Stanley Park Mobility Study focuses on reducing automobile traffic and promotes active transportation by increasing cycling, walking and public transit in the park while increasing accessibility for those with disabilities; a motion requesting the Port Authority give the park board the go-ahead to work with the local First Nations to plan and build an Indigenous cultural healing centre in CRAB Park; and a recent motion asking staff to design fully accessible playgrounds for all children, which will help those with disabilities play with their peers in an active and inclusive way.”

Tricia RILEY – #215 – (Green)“If you told me a year ago that I’d be running for Park Board, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. But when this opportunity to step up and serve our community came up, I knew I had to take it.

When I moved to Vancouver after finishing law school 11 years ago, I found my community through sport, specifically by rowing and coaching at the Vancouver Rowing Club. VRC is where I’ve made some of my best friends and found a community that means the world to me. So I know that for the sports teams and clubs in our city it’s about more than just getting active, it really is about building community. This is why I’m running, to support the teams, clubs, and places that bring us together.”

Liam Murphy MENARD – #218 – (Independent): “I am the only current President of a Community Centre Association running in this election. I believe that gives me a perspective and experience working in the recreation side of the Park Board that other candidates do not have. This direct experience makes me one of the most qualified candidates to step right into the role on day 1 and start enacting needed changes.”

Olga ZARUDINA – #220 – (NPA): “The NPA majority at the Park Board will:

  • Work with Council to return funds from 2018 capital plan to Park Board for Community Centre & Facility rebuild program;
  • Support & build outdoor pools;
  • Fastrack special even application process;
  • Save the Seawall;
  • Integrate indigenous names into existing and future parks and facilities;
  • Lease closing schools from School Board to convert them into daycare facilities and community programming centres.”

Kumi KIMURA – #221 – (TEAM): “Sports & Recreation is all I do, I work in golf, I play soccer, hockey, softball and love to run along the beaches, so not only would I work in sport but I also use the facilities so experience on both sides of the coin.”

Michelle MOLLINEAUX – #223 – (TEAM): “I am actually disappointed that this questionnaire has not talked about Sports and Recreation! This is also a vital role for the Park Board.

At TEAM, we believe that every neighbourhood deserves a vibrant community hub where residents can come together to play, learn, and connect with each other. We will work with the staff at the Vancouver Park Board and ensure that all Vancity residents have access to high-quality recreation facilities and programs.

Vancouver is home to many outdoor facilities encouraging sports participation of people of all ages and physical needs. The city is home to 153 playing fields, including natural grass and synthetic turfs, providing perfect outdoor sports opportunities for all.

However, the Vancouver park board recently proposed a significant budget cut for managing playing fields. With population growth we actually need to add more playing field and recreational facilities. By adding more resources it allows individuals who participate in sports and recreation to increase their engagement at a community level. Adding more local sporting events will bring the community together, enhancing social connections and meaningful community relationships.

At TEAM, we believe that the benefits of sports and recreation should reach out to every individual regardless of age or physical condition. Every citizen of the city should be able to enjoy outdoor opportunities for physical activities and sports, and that’s why we’re committed to expanding access to sports and recreation fields and facilities for every neighborhood in Vancouver.”

James BUCKSHON – #225 – (TEAM): “Park Board is the last line of defense for protecting our parks, and the Park Board should focus on its core role to take care of our parks.”

Tracy D. SMITH – #230 – (Independent): “How can we create more space, opportunities, access and inclusion for everyone? It is in community centres, gardens, parks and shared public spaces where we all connect and with more accessibility and resources, we can provide more for all. Let’s provide more playgrounds, lifeguards, swim lessons, programs, accessibility and options for everyone. I want to thank you again for this opportunity and I hope I get your vote!”

Craig STEVEN – #231 – (Independent): “I have a common-sense platform, it’s the other candidates that are very radical and only cause destruction and pain for Vancouverites. We need to start caring for our law-abiding and taxpaying citizens.”