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Pacific Centre Plaza - Photo 2014-05-22, 4 54 09 PM

Site Name: Pacific Centre Plaza – PROPOSED FOR REDEVELOPMENT

Alternative Name: Four Seasons Plaza


  • Site Address: 701 West Georgia St., Vancouver
  • Closest Street Intersection: Howe St and W Georgia St
  • Secondary Address2: 791 West Georgia
  • Local Area: Downtown
  • Latitude: 49.28305801
  • Longitude: -123.1185226


Components: Plaza, atrium

Pacific Centre Plaza - Photo 2014-05-22, 5 12 11 PM

Description: Large open area with benches and round circular seating area. Various trees and bushes help to define the edge of the space. A prominent glass domed atrium sits in the NE – providing an entrance to Pacific Centre mall.

Year Built: 1971

Ownership status: Private

Owner Name: Cadillac Fairview

History Notes: Site originally was known as Four Seasons Plaza, and had a more prominent “open” quality. At some point after 1986, the glass dome entrance was added, enclosing part of the space – and further rendering it as “private” space.

Key Events, Usage in History, Timeline: Various musical performances by Vancouver International Jazz Festival.

CVA 784-109 - Four Seasons Plaza, 791 West Georgia Street

Four Seasons Plaza in 1986 (Photo: City of Vancouver Archives)

Locational Context: Pacific centre plaza is connected to six high rise office towers. These towers are connected to the retail centre and the Four Seasons Hotel.

Site Orientation: South; west


  • Area: 875m2 (est) (excluding atrium)
  • Dimensions: Broader plaza area is 44m x 31m (1354m2). However, calculation needs to exclude covered atrium (380m2), and chamfered corner.

Design Features:

  • Weather Proofing: No; however domed entrance functions in this fashion.
  • Pathways: Connected to Pacific Centre entrance on the corner of Howe and W Georgia
  • Surface Treatment and Materials: Hard, cement, marble seating, trees and bushes

Furniture and amenities:

  • Formal Seating: Yes- 5 black benches, 5 circular benches. Additional temporary chairs and tables were installed in 2016.
  • Informal Seating: Yes – ledges besides the bushes and trees
  • Tables: Yes – small moveable tables have been installed
  • Washroom: PC’s washrooms
  • Waste or Recycling Disposal: Yes- 2 trash cans by mall entrance
  • Lighting: Yes- 4 black lamp post
  • Street Trees: Trees beside the streets surrounding the plaza, enclosed by marble like wall
  • Landscaping: Yes- bushes, flowers, hedges, trees
  • Other items of note: Smoke stand on site
  • Corporate Signage: Pacific Centre mall sign
  • Regulatory Signage: Yes- No Smoking signs in close proximity to the mall’s entrance

Security: Private security (mall)


  • Transit: Yes- bus stop outside on W Georgia St and also adjacent to Howe St, Granville skytrain station nearby, Vancouver City Centre skytrain across W Georgia st
  • Universal Design: Yes- Ramps by Four Seasons hotel going up the stairs to the plaza

General Usage or Observational data: Plaza is primarily used as an entrance way to the Pacific Centre mall; however the plaza sees moderate use with people eating, chatting, smoking on benches. Additional moveable seats and tables are encouraging greater amounts of lingering.

Typology: Open Space – Plaza

Evaluation details:

  • Date of evaluation: May 22, 2014
  • Weather during evaluation: Cloudy and windy