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October 21, 2017 at 8:21 PM

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2017 Halloween SkyTrain Party – UPDATED

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2017 Halloween SkyTrain Party - Poster_2

It’s ba-aaaack: our annual Halloween-themed celebration (and transformation) of the SkyTrain.

Dress up in your wildest Halloween attire (scary, sassy, sexy, serious… or just plain strange, your call!), meet us at the starting station, and join us as we ride the crazy train! Tricks and treats come served with a sweet sound system and the musical madness of our resident DJ Rocky Fi$her.

The event, as always, will be free, save for the price of your SkyTrain ticket.


WATERFRONT STATION – EXPO Line. Training to King George Station and back to Waterfront.
We will be waiting to board one of the newer Mark III trains, so please wait for the signal. We’d hate to see you leave on the wrong train!


Unlike previous years, when we’ve been able to set up up in advance, we will all be boarding the train at the same time. We’ll need your help to make sure set up happens efficiently. Please be sure to make some space for the DJ and allow us to get equipment set up. We’ll aim to do this as quickly as we can.
Our system is battery powered, and the music lasts as long as the batteries do. We will wind the party down a few stops before Waterfront so people can get themselves ready for a smooth departure.


The Halloween SkyTrain Party has been going stong since 2006 – largely because people attending have been mindful of a few key consideratons:

(1) Play Fare. We want to celebrate transit, so make sure you bring your Compass Card U-pass or buy a ticket.

(2) Have fun, but be chill. Translink has noted concerns about people racing between trains at stops. This is a safety issue, so please try to respect that. Also, please DO NOT hold the doors.

(3) Smoking on the train – just don’t. It’s unfortunate that we actually have to say this, but every couple of years there’s someone who things they’re an exception to the rules. Seriously, don’t be that person. No smokes, joints, vaping, whatever. That’s for before you enter the station, or after you leave.

(4) Be a good host. The train will stop at every station along our route, picking up people along the way. These are your halloween party guests! Invite them in to join in the fun.

(5) Share the gratitude. If you see one of the Canada Line staff crew, or TransLink officer, please give ‘em a high five. These fine folks do a lot to make sure that this event – and transit in general –
runs smoothly. We’re grateful for that.

(6) Help maintain the vibe. Let’s all look out for one another and keep a good thing going. If you see some who needs a hand with something, help ‘em out. And if you see someone horsing around in a way that runs contrary to the above – please ask ‘em to chill out, for everyone’s sake.

(7) Clear out any recycling and trash. We want to leave the SkyTrain looking better than we found it. Pack out what you pack in. Better still, pick up a piece of litter that isn’t yours and earn instant karma.

(8) Spread the word. Share the love. We’d love to see any cool photos or video that you might take. Please consider sending it our way at If you post to Facebook, Twitter and Instragram please tag us, or hashtag #SkyTrainParty

Social Media: Facebook Event Page



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