Advocacy, education and outreach in support of Vancouver's public spaces

The VPSN advocates for high-quality public spaces and a vibrant, inclusive public realm. Our areas of interest include:

  • City planning and zoning;
  • Development projects;
  • Neighbourhood and community design;
  • Ample spaces for the public to gather, celebrate, relax and connect in a variety of ways – spaces that are reflective of the diverse needs of citizens;
  • Architecture and built form – density and varying scales of building types.

When it comes to urban design, a variety of scales must be considered – from detailed examinations of individual buildings, to the larger, more holistic approach needed for considering the neighbourhood, the city, and the region at large. We must also examine how the built environment and spaces we create affect environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

And finally, we work to encourage an inclusive planning process that actively and meaningfully engages all community stakeholders.