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What is your favourite park or park board facility in Vancouver, and why?

Cliff Relph (Independent): “Kensington Community Center, and Queen Elizabeth Park”

Gwen Giesbrecht (COPE): “My favourite facility is Britannia, which in a tri-party agreement works closely with the COV, VSB, VPL & Britannia Community Services Centre Society with recreational facilities staffing and programs manged by Park Board.”

Rick Hurlbut (Pro Vancouver): “That’s like asking, whose your favourite child? I live in Renfrew Heights, a neighbourhood with a dearth of park space. However, the natural beauty and quiet of Renfrew Ravine would have to be my favourite parks nearest to where I live. I’m also a part of the LGBTQ2+ community, which means that Sunset Beach Park, which hosts the annual Pride Festival, has real personal meaning.”

Dave Demers (Green Party): “Granville Park because it is the closest to my home, the one that is right there when I need a bit of fresh air or some shade (in this case, shade is provided by a beautiful row of hornbeam). This park is far from fancy, not new, not overly designed, it is ‘just there’, quiet and restful.”

Stuart Mackinnon (Green Party): “Most days I get to walk along the Fraser river at Riverfront Park. On weekends a walk along the western beaches or through Stanley Park recharges me. The truth is every park offers a unique experience. Every community centre reflects their neighbourhood. This is one of the reasons why Vancouver is often listed as one of the most liveable cities in the world.”

Mathew Kagis (Work Less Party): “Park: Jericho. Lovely trails, wetlands, wildlife, good swimming beaches. There are always people jogging, cycling, playing sports & having family picnics & bbq’s. What’s not to like? Facility: Trout Lake. My regular gym stop. Nice layout, bright with great views of John Hendry Park & it has a fabulous steam room.”

John Coupar (NPA): “Queen Elizabeth Park as at its pinnacle is the Bloedel Conservatory and Quarry Gardens. It is a special place for me as it represents the crowning achievement of my Dad Charlie who was a 42 year employee of the Vancouver Park Board. He was the first Director of the Conservatory when it opened in 1969. When Vision planned to close it in 2009 I formed a group called Friends of Bloedel and with lots of help we we able to save it. Since my election in 2011 I have been able to achieve a roof replacement and marketing improvements. I am very happy to see the delight this facility and gardens bring to residents and visitors.”

Ann-Marie Copping (NPA): “My favourite Park is Stanley Park – it is a jewel in our city and I am grateful for those who had the foresight to designate this space as a public park. I love the seawall, one of my favourite places to walk/run/bike with friends and my family.”

Casey Crawford (NPA): “Jericho Beach Park. Having lived in Vancouver all my life, I enjoy a park space with a connection to water. Jericho offers rolling grassy hills with open spaces, forest areas to walk on a rainy day and of course beaches to sit aside a log and contemplate the views. Our family has also enjoyed many years playing soccer and baseball on the sport fields. A park with something for everyone.”

Leo Heba (YES Vancouver): “Spanish Bank dog park. It’s a great place to take my dog, he also loves it there. My family would also make the trip out, and spend the day at the beach at Spanish Banks.”

Chris Fuoco (Vancouver First): “Hillcrest/Queen Elizabeth Park: Why, it’s were my Dad learned to love golf ( he never played before and loved the Par 3’s – then ended up golfing like a maniac in Retirement). It’s where my Mom would love to wonder through the Rose Bushes and where She and my Dad would want to go every-time they came from Ottawa to visit me as a young adult. It’s where my now wife and I would go on dates playing Tennis, throwing the baseball, playing pitch & putt and meeting up with other friends. It’s where we as a family (Wendy my wife and two young sons at the time) would run 4 consecutive Sun Runs. Hillcrest is where our boys both played Little League and now community ball…. I have more but you get the point from the pol to the ice rink, the Conservatory to the Raqeuts club, we have done almost it all and still use this great space on a weekly basis.”

Tricia Barker (NPA): “This is like asking who is your favourite child! Every day I travel all over Vancouver and often have time in between clients to stop in a park. Each has their own personality. Kits for the perfect sunset picture, Quilchena for a neighbourhood stroll, Trout Lake for the serenity of the calm water. If forced to pick one I would have to opt for Stanley Park and my love of the Seawall.”

Gregory Edgelow (Pro Vancouver): “With more than 230 public parks in Vancouver and a large public recreation system of community centres, pools, rinks, fitness centres, golf courses, street trees, marinas, playing fields, and more, its hard to narrow down one or two top locations. As a tourist in my own town, I take my dog every day to a new park around the city and on the weekends to create diversity and fun for him. I identified a park in a number of my usual areas of Vancouver we frequent but also my choices for fitness centre and indoor/outdoor pools. These choices identify the ones I frequent the most. I live parks and recreation every day as I visit our parks, trails, beaches and facilities daily because I have a dog and this keeps him and me active at least twice a day and all day on the weekends.


  • Riley Park area – Queen Elizabeth Park at 4600 Cambie St Dog park
  • Hastings Sunrise area – New Brighton Park at 3201 New Brighton Rd Dog park, Playground, Outdoor pool
  • Shaughnessy area – Oak Meadows Park at 899 West 37th Ave Dog park, Jogging trail
  • Victoria-Fraserview area – Tecumseh Park at 1751 E 45th Ave Dog park, Playground
  • West End area parks – Stanley Park at 2000 West Georgia St Dog park, Jogging trails, Playground, Running track
  • West Point Grey area – Spanish Banks Beach Park at 4801 North West Marine Dr Dog park
  • Downtown area parks – Coopers’ Park at 1020 Marinaside Cres Dog park, Playground, Skateboard park
  • Kensington-Cedar Cottage area – John Hendry (Trout Lake) Park at 3300 Victoria Dr Dog park, Playground,
  • Jogging trail
  • Kitsilano area – Hadden Park at 1905 Ogden Ave Dog park
  • Mount Pleasant area – China Creek North Park at 1001 East 7th Ave Jogging trail, Playground

Outdoor pool – New Brighton Pool at 3201 New Brighton Rd

Indoor Pool – Vancouver Aquatic Centre at 1050 Beach Ave

Fitness Centre – Mount Pleasant Fitness Centre 1 Kingsway Ave.”

Pall Beelsa (NPA): “Sunset Community Centre. I went to pre-school at the old sunset CC and my kids now go to pre-school in the new Sunset CC. Life has come full circle for me :)”

Camil Dumont (Green Party): “Oh my, tough question; I guess I have a special place in my heart for Sunrise Park because I spent much of my limited free time there this past summer. I’m a member of the Strathcona Stevedores Baseball Club of the East Van Baseball League and we played nearly all of our games at Sunrise. Lately though I’m at Kensington and Kingcrest a lot because they’re close to home and my 1 year old daughter is pretty keen on playground exploration. She likes pools too. I don’t really have a favourite. I love our Parks.”

Ray En-Jui Chang (Coalition Vancouver): “I frequent many parks and park facilities with my families it’s hard to choose a favourite. During the summer, I often take long walks at QE Park with my grandparents and frequent most of the beaches with my family. During the winter, I go ice skating once a week at Hillcrest Centre with my sisters. As the Vice-President at Hillcrest Community Centre, I guess I am slightly biased when I pick Hillcrest as one of my top places.”

Winnie Siu (Coalition Vancouver): Queen Elizabeth Park is my favourite park as it is not only a beautiful free botanical garden but it also offers many community amenities such as tennis courts, dog park, lawn bowling and pitch and putt.


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