Advocacy, education and outreach in support of Vancouver's public spaces

Top 3 priorities (City of Vancouver Candidate Form)

  1. Reinvest in parks & rec
  2. Safe enjoyment in parks
  3. Improve city liveability

Platform (City of Vancouver Candidate Form)

“One of the greatest attributes of Vancouver is our network of parks, beaches and recreational services. With densification and people living in smaller spaces, I want to ensure all residents have access to safe, clean and relevant parks and community centres. With the NPA team, we will focus on safe, vibrant, beautiful and fun parks and engaging and accessible recreational services throughout the city.”

1. What is your favourite park or park board facility in Vancouver, and why?

My favourite Park is Stanley Park – it is a jewel in our city and I am grateful for those who had the foresight to designate this space as a public park. I love the seawall, one of my favourite places to walk/run/bike with friends and my family.

2. We’ll be sharing the top three priorities that you provided the City of Vancouver, but we want to know: which one of your three priorities are you most passionate about, and why?

Reinvest in parks and services – As individuals and families are living in smaller spaces, our parks are our frontyards, backyards and living rooms. We need to ensure that we invest in our parks and beaches so that all of us can enjoy safe, accessible and fun parks and beaches.

3. Vancouver is a growing city! What are your ideas for ensuring that the city’s parks and recreation facilities can respond to the needs of an increasing and diversifying population?

We need to reinvest in our parks and neighbourhood community centres. The city contributions to the Park Board over the past 10 years has remained relatively flat and we are seeing the results in our aging community centres, pools, ice rinks and overall park maintenance and cleanliness. We need to listen to what Vancouverites want and need in each diverse community.

4. Given the high cost of land in the city, what suggestions do you have for how the Park Board should approach the creation of new park spaces?

Establish a Parks Foundation to enable philanthropic and private sector financial support for our parks and recreation facilities.

5. What, if any, role do you see the Park Board playing in responding to critical social issues such as homelessness, the opioid epidemic, and social isolation?

Our platform calls for extended hours and funding for the Park Ranger program. Our Park Rangers , with the right training, can connect some of our most vulnerable citizens with the services they need while helping others feel safe when using our parks.

6. In the past few years, the Park Board has taken steps to acknowledge First Nations cultures and the impacts of colonization on local Indigenous communities. Would you continue this work? If yes, how?

Yes, we should be celebrating our First Nations within our parks and public spaces, and continue to work with our First Nations to lead the process while balancing the history of Vancouver overall.

7. How can Vancouver’s parks and recreation facilities best respond to the challenges posed by climate change?

Climate Change is a reality we need to address in our coastal city. Working with experts, I would like to see the Park Board adopt a strategy to mitigate and protect our parks and facilities while educating the public on how they can help with solutions.

8. What, if any, role do you think privately owned companies should play in the management, operation, or naming/branding of Park board facilities?

We currently have parks and facilities named after individuals we celebrate or those who donated the space. With thoughtful guidelines on where private funding can assist the overall liveability of our city, I believe we can build additional innovative spaces for Vancouverites to enjoy now and in the future.

9. What, if any, role do you feel that neighbourhoods or community groups should play in the stewardship of park spaces and facilities?

Community involvement is paramount to creating amazing spaces and programs for everyone to enjoy. I am a huge advocate of volunteer community groups and see the benefits to creating community around involvement. People care about the things they love and when asked to be involved in the solution, my experience is that people are more than happy to participate.

10. Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself or your platform?

My sustainability leadership, as the former Ocean Wise Seafood Manager, and collaborative style of finding win-win solutions in all of my business negotiations will allow me to bring an experienced, positive, balanced approach to Park Board work. I will be honoured to serve Vancouver and make sure we have absolutely awesome parks, beaches and community centres for future generations.

More information:

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