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A Manifesto on Public Space Policy

The future of Vancouver’s Public Realm: Nine ways to enhance the city’s public spaces

The VPSN’s Manifesto on Public Space Policy was produced for the 2008 municipal election and was developed for use by policy-makers, aspirants to political office, city staff, representatives of private and non-profit sectors, and residents and citizens at large. In short: everyone who has a stake in the design and use of our urban landscape.

In late 2011, immediately prior to the 2011 election, the Manifesto was reviewed. An updated document – entitled Routemap 2012-2014 – has recently been completed and will be released in January 2012.

The original Manifesto continues to provide useful information on the importance of good public space policy in Vancouver. You can access a PDF version of the document below.


  • A City of Neighbours
  • A Greener, Cleaner City
  • A City of Good Design
  • A City of Mobility; A City that Knows Where It’s Going
  • A City of Safe Spaces
  • A City of Colour, Texture and Sound
  • A Democratic City
  • A City of Happenings
  • A City of Public Spaces… that are Public!

:: Download A Manifesto on Public Space Policy (PDF) 2.3 mb