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1069 Alberni (Grosvenor) Plaza - IMG_6177

Site Name: Grosvenor Building Plaza – DEMOLISHED JULY 2016


  • Primary Site Address: 1040 W Georgia Street
  • Closest Street Intersection: Georgia and Thurlow (Note: plaza is addressed to Georgia Street, but primarily faces Alberni Street)
  • Local Area: Downtown
  • Flickr URL:
  • Latitude: 49.28515406
  • Longitude: -123.1229939

Components: Plaza

Description: The main space of this plaza is located to the west of the Grosvenor Building at 1040 W Georgia. From the Georgia side, there is a pathway that opens up to a plaza along Alberni St. The plaza is more readily accessible from the Alberni side and can be entered via aprominent ‘spiral’ access ramp that runs along the western edge, or via generous stairs to the east. Generous landscaping runs along the south and western edges, helping to define and shade the space. At the centre a curving bronze sculpture called “Space Ribbon.” Windows from the adjacent tea shop look onto the plaza, and the space is further enclosed by a series of moveable planters.

Adjacent Connected Public Spaces: Link to public realm system: Connects Alberni to Georgia as well as connects with all the open spaces in front of near by office buildings

Year Built: 1984

Ownership status: Private

Owner Name: Grosvenor

Locational Context: Surrounded by office towers on 3 sides, orienting the site to the south (Alberni St). The plaza is located on a street with high-end retail and restaurants. The Urban Tea Merchant, a pricey but popular café, faces onto the plaza.

Site Orientation: South


  • Area: 300 m2
  • Dimensions: Triangular space – 20 meters wide

Design Aspects

  • Solar exposure/shading considerations: Sun around noon
  • Weather Proofing: None
  • Pathways: Yes on both side of plaza, one along Alberni street other cutting through plaza to Georgia St.
  • Surface Treatment and Materials: Crushed Stone Concrete

Furniture & Amenities

  • Formal Seating: Yes – concrete benches
  • Informal Seating: Yes – planters act as benches
  • Bike Rack: Yes – small
  • Public Art: Yes. Sculpture: Roy C. Lewis: Space Ribbon.
  • Lighting: Yes-around seating
  • Street Trees: Yes – mid sized
  • Landscaping: Planters beside seating area and bamboo along the side of the cafe
  • Other items of note: Post box and newspaper boxes beside plaza

Security: Possible security camera at entrance of cafe


  • Transit: Nearest bus stops located along Georgia
  • Bike Route: Near Meville and Howe bike routes
  • Universal Design: Yes – flat space allows for wheelchair acess

General Usage or Observational data: Appears to be mostly used at lunch

Key Events, Usage in History, Timeline:

  • Plaza was constructed in 1984.
  • Plaza was demolished in July 2016 and will be replaced with a two-storey commercial structure.


Plaza demolished in July 2016

Typology: Open Space – Plaza

Site Evaluation Details

  • Timestamp: 23/04/2015 19:11:38
  • Time of last evaluation: 5:10pm
  • Weather during evaluation: Sunny – 10 deg