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TransitRef_FBLink_1200x627px Transit Referendum Round-up

image from UBC HR With one week to go until the close of voting for the transit plebiscite, have you gotten your ballot in? Here on the VPSN Blog, we’ve had a slew of posts in support of the YES... Continue reading »

May 22, 2015   |   0 comments
street How Human-Scale Streets and Public Transit Support Businesses

by Trina Wang, with interview excerpts courtesy of Paola Qualizza and contributions by Karen Quinn Fung What makes a city a great place to reside, work and play in? Although each city has its unique character, all cities also have similar... Continue reading »

May 20, 2015   |   0 comments
16818492059_45ccf7eaf0_k-798x558 The (Trans) Am Totem Pole and the (Trans)it Referendum

By Amanda Mackaay, photo from Roaming-the-Planet   It’s not Lions Gate Bridge traffic or Massey Tunnel backups that everyone is talking about these days; it’s the five car traffic jam atop a 20 foot high cedar stump that is attracting... Continue reading »

May 2, 2015   |   0 comments
DSC_2011 Six Reasons Why Voting Yes is Good For Your Health

by Kasra Hassani | photo by Anjana Pradhananga The public transit plebiscite has started with many of us still undecided on whether we should vote yes or no to the Mayor’s council proposal for the major public transit overhaul. If you are... Continue reading »

March 20, 2015   |   0 comments
DSC_2044 Vote yes on the congestion-improvement sales tax

photo by Anjana Pradhananga Skate to where the puck is going to be — so that well-worn chestnut from a national hero goes. I’m not much of a hockey fan but I do know sound planning advice when I hear... Continue reading »

March 16, 2015   |   0 comments