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150701-VPSN-Development-07a Beyond Grandview-Woodland: The City As a Living Thing

by YarOn Stern Considering the expression ‘a city is a living thing’, the life of a city is a story of change within the familiar. What happens in one neighborhood might have already happened in another or is about to.... Continue reading »

July 6, 2015   |   0 comments
150518-NorthVan 144 Time for Walking, Time for Talking

photos and words by YarOn Stern Marylee Stephenson and I were discussing a jog one day. In her interest to show me some of the lovely birds you can notice anywhere you go in the city it was just a matter... Continue reading »

June 7, 2015   |   0 comments
150507-mechanismsassembly-06 Grandview-Woodland Public Roundtable: To Assembly And Beyond

by YarOn Stern A city in change can be fascinating and inspiring, as much as it can be sad and depressing. This is true, I suspect, for its residents and its governors, its business owners and developers. The city is a tool,... Continue reading »

May 12, 2015   |   0 comments
IMG 0865 Urban Inspirations: Locally and Abroad

by YarOn Stern Imagine landing in Vancouver after a visit to a distant place. Is there anything missing here you’ve already seen elsewhere? Even the great things in Vancouver can benefit from fine tuning. How about issues that need fixing?... Continue reading »

April 15, 2015   |   0 comments
150310-whatculture-03 Grandview-Woodland Hastings Workshop: Neighbourhood Culture

by YarOn Stern As I lock my bike to the railing beside the Croatian Community Center, another guy has just about finished locking his own. He grumbles something about the lack of racks to accommodate the mass of bikers who... Continue reading »

March 13, 2015   |   0 comments