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Transforming Le Champ des Possibles from a contaminated Montreal site into a park. Photo: Artefatica, Wayne Egers, under Creative Commons license A Canadian take on parks: Park People’s Heart of the City conference

By Wendee Lang, VPSN Open Spaces Last month featured a new type of event: the Heart of the City conference, Canada’s first national conference on urban parks. Organized by Toronto’s Park People, the event brought together advocates from across 10... Continue reading »

April 18, 2017   |   0 comments
Hot tub parklet, Vancouver. Photo: Paul Krueger under Creative Commons license Vancouver’s new gender equity strategy: Weigh in now and on April 19

by Wendee Lang, VPSN Open Spaces For those interested in Vancouver’s role in promoting gender equality, now is the time to chime in. Working with the Women’s Advisory Committee, City staff have recently launched a review of the 2005 Gender... Continue reading »

April 6, 2017   |   0 comments
Cathedral Square, the site of Vancouver’s first underground substation Digging deeper: Unearthing the facts of BC Hydro’s Seed initiative

By Wendee Lang, VPSN Open Spaces You may have heard of the BC Hydro Seed project, which proposed to redesign and enhance three open spaces in downtown Vancouver, in exchange for the opportunity to build underground substations. Heralded as innovative... Continue reading »

April 2, 2017   |   0 comments
10368987_803039749709220_4122305854999817331_o Eastside Culture Crawl: A Recap

by Wendee Lang Walking through the downtown eastside, past nondescript facades, nosy Vancouverites cannot help but be overwhelmed with curiosity. What exactly goes on behind the doors of the city’s oldest homes and warehouses? Once a year, the Eastside Culture Crawl... Continue reading »

November 25, 2014   |   0 comments
1528630_607811629274727_1269917694_n Urban Acupuncture: A focus on the Pigeon Park Street Market

by Wendee Lang From street hawkers to pop-up parks, from the New York High Line to Barcelona’s La Boqueria, urban acupuncture materializes in many different ways. Its principle, however, remains static in that it is seeks to re-energize communities through small-scale... Continue reading »

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