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Surfers on the artificial river Eisbach in Englischer Garten in Munich. Photo: Patrick Stahl under Creative Commons license Unusual, overlooked or (formerly) illegal public spaces around the world

By Mitchell Reardon, VPSN Streets and Transportation With spring here, Vancouver residents have emerged from hibernation or descended from snowy mountain peaks to rediscover their city. Cherry blossoms, which did a remarkably good job at withstanding the elements, were the first... Continue reading »

May 19, 2017   |   0 comments
Seattle-6 FIELD NOTES: Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park

photos by Geoffrey Daniel | words by Lehran Haché Many North American Cities are struggling from age of automobile-planning hangovers. One of the most challenging symptoms of this affliction are the highways, freeways and train tracks built at the waters edge. Originally... Continue reading »

May 21, 2015   |   0 comments
20141231_122047 Field Notes: Seattle Community Garden

Editor’s Note: This edition of Field Notes highlights a community garden success story in Seattle. For a look at how Vancouver has created impact in the connection of food and public spaces around the city, be sure to check out the... Continue reading »

February 3, 2015   |   0 comments