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French Quarter - edit Parklets For People: Reconsidering the Parking Space as a Small Urban Park

By Jada Natalie Stevens In the 20th century, we built cities around a grid of car-accessible spaces. When roads were planned, on-street parking was incorporated into the outside lane, offering parking in close proximity to businesses, homes, and services. It... Continue reading »

July 8, 2018   |   0 comments
Mint Plaza, San Francisco, is a publicly owned space managed by a nonprofit corporation. Photo: Sergio Ruiz on Flickr. Photo: Sergio Ruiz on Flickr. Plaza stewardship: Taking care of our gathering places

By VPSN Plaza Stewardship committee When a plaza forms a part of urban space, who looks after it? Who oversees its upkeep, who decides what events take place there, and how are these decisions managed? Approaches to these questions fall... Continue reading »

March 22, 2017   |   0 comments
blocked bikelane-hornby Spaces beyond: blocked bike lanes in Washington, parklets in San Francisco

In Washington an interesting post by John Hendel¬†on blocked bike lanes. Writing in the TBD Transportation Blog, Hendel reports on a conversation with Chief of Police Cathy Lanier in which the latter noted that Washington’s constabulary had quadrupled the¬†quantity of... Continue reading »

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