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10716917193_d6a68a5e56_z Transportation Costs: Impacts on Metro Vancouver (Part 2)

Reposted with permission from George Poulos and Price Tags. Part 2 of 5.  [Part 1] Investing in Transit is Imperative for Metro Vancouver Undoubtedly one of the liveliest issues of debate within the region today is the future state of transit... Continue reading »

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10716917193_d6a68a5e56_z Transportation Costs: Impacts on Metro Vancouver (Part 1)

by George Poulos, reposted with permission from the author and Price Tags. Part 1 of 5. We were recently alerted to George Poulos’ well-researched and comprehensive paper that aims to “develop a means to assess a wider scope of transportation impacts in... Continue reading »

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Downtown-Bus-Network-300x232 Transportation News: downtown buses, Robson Square, community health and regional transit vision

Sharing a few items of note for those interested in our work in transportation before you head out into this weekend. The City of Vancouver and TransLink’s Downtown Local Bus Service Review embarked in a series of activities to consult the public... Continue reading »

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One ride at a time... from GetOnBoardBC's Instagram. Supporting regional transportation funding through Get On Board BC

Transportation is a profoundly regional issue. Our collective quality of life as residents of Vancouver is affected by the relationship it has with the surrounding areas throughout the entire metro region. How people travel into Vancouver from neighbouring municipalities shapes not only the daily... Continue reading »

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ART_88Blocks1_2145_RS Connecting Transit, Walking and Public Space in Richmond – PechaKucha Night Richmond

VPSN volunteers Celia Chung and Karen Quinn Fung give a presentation describing the connection between enjoyable walking experiences and public transit, at the Pecha Kucha Night Richmond event on November 29, 2013. A video with the slide show and audio... Continue reading »

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