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Seawall Public Art - Dustin Quasar - CC license Featured Event: Public Art in Vancouver – the City Approach

Out next VPSN monthly meet-up focuses on public art, and in particular, the programs and approaches taken by the City of Vancouver. Public art plays an important role in enriching and enlivening our public spaces, and this session will aim... Continue reading »

November 9, 2018   |   0 comments
IMG_20151017_120050814 Active Fiction Project returns!

The Active Fiction Project returns to Riley Park! Check out a real life ‘create your own adventure’! A mashup of public art, literary fiction and walking tours, the Active The Active Fiction Project creates short, fictional, stories set in a Vancouver neighbourhood that feature... Continue reading »

September 7, 2016   |   0 comments
63-cut-for-newsletter The Dunbar Chronicles – a new walking tour!

Just in time for the return of spring, a new walking tour to explore! This time, walkers and cyclists are invited to a neighbourhood that, until the recent onset of the housing market circus, was perhaps better known as one... Continue reading »

May 16, 2016   |   0 comments
IMG_20151017_120050814 Active Fiction Project – the Winter Story!

Got time off for the holidays? If you’re looking for a break from the chaos, check out the winter installation of the Active Fiction Project! It’s a mashup of public space intervention, public art, literature and walking tour! Active Fiction... Continue reading »

December 16, 2015   |   0 comments
IMG_2015 ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ in Vancouver’s public spaces with the Active Fiction Project

If you try and break the door down, turn to page 20. If you decide to return to the bus, turn to page 32. The thrill of the choice, and the cringe when you choose the wrong door and your... Continue reading »

August 7, 2015   |   0 comments