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Pioneer Courthouse Square Field Notes: Pioneer Courthouse Square – Portland’s Living Room

Article and cover photo by Hema Ramnani. Affectionately referred to as the city’s ‘living room,’ the red brick amphitheater that makes up Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square represents a highly successful recipe for activation and place-making. Like a living room or... Continue reading »

February 15, 2018   |   0 comments
Surfers on the artificial river Eisbach in Englischer Garten in Munich. Photo: Patrick Stahl under Creative Commons license Unusual, overlooked or (formerly) illegal public spaces around the world

By Mitchell Reardon, VPSN Streets and Transportation With spring here, Vancouver residents have emerged from hibernation or descended from snowy mountain peaks to rediscover their city. Cherry blossoms, which did a remarkably good job at withstanding the elements, were the first... Continue reading »

May 19, 2017   |   0 comments