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City Hall Two important proposals to strengthen local democracy

Want to help improve local democracy? There are two motions being considered at Council this week that directly relate to the municipal election process. The first relates to removing the ABCD bias from the ballot (in other words: a call... Continue reading »

April 16, 2018   |   0 comments
Last Candidate Standing - Video Last Candidate Standing 2014 – full length video

Good news for those of you that missed our recent Last Candidate Standing election debate. Footage of the event is now available for your viewing pleasure! Here’s your chance to relive the magic and/or see the 27 candidates in action. (A very... Continue reading »

November 12, 2014   |   0 comments
Doors Open Vancouver - one of several great volunteer opportunities. Cool public space and urban events. An awesome chance to lend a hand!

Hi everyone, September is upon us, and that means a new round of exciting late-summer and fall public space activities. We’ll be reporting out on many of these in our next full-length Public Space Newsletter; however we wanted to let... Continue reading »

September 4, 2014   |   0 comments
Credit / West End Mural Lessons in More Engaging Citizen Engagement

Photo Credit / West End Mural By Brent Toderian and Jillian Glover With cities seeking to involve diverse voices in city-making to get beyond “the usual suspects,” Vancouver urbanists Brent Toderian and Jillian Glover examine how cities in their region... Continue reading »

April 1, 2014   |   0 comments
Tahir Square - Jonathan Rashad Five public space highlights from 2011

As midnight draws near, people in cities around the world will be gathering to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. Some will be convening at friends places, some in living rooms, some in restaurants and clubs, while others, in... Continue reading »

December 31, 2011   |   0 comments