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Granville at Night - Jason Thibault - MassiveKontent Surveillance cameras on Granville Street?

Late in February, City Council looked at a motion to do with “Upgrading, Reviewing, and Revising the Granville Entertainment District.” It was a lengthy motion and referenced a number of previous work items that Council, and City staff, had tabled.... Continue reading »

March 1, 2018   |   0 comments
intersection open Cameras on the streets of Van-town, cameras on the streets of BC towns…

A couple months ago, we shared our thoughts with you on the extension of ICBC’s intersection camera program. As part of a $23 million program, 140 new cameras have been introduced to intersections around the province. The cameras have started... Continue reading »

February 15, 2011   |   4 comments
MRs Macquarie's Point Happy New Year – 2010 in review…

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world… a crowd gathers for New Year’s celebrations at Mrs Macquerie’s Point in Sydney Australia. Submitted by VPSN member Lisa M. A late year greeting to all of you from the gang at... Continue reading »

December 31, 2010   |   0 comments
VPSN Public Space News & Events | 5 July 2010

Happy July folks! Hope you all had a great (and perhaps long) weekend. From Canada Day to the Jazz Fest there was a festive air despite the patches of gray. And on Granville it was actually the street that got... Continue reading »

July 5, 2010   |   0 comments
VPSN Surveillance Map

With the Olympic Games in full swing, we’ve been getting a lot of requests for the map we did of all the surveillance cameras (CCTV) in the Downtown and Downtown Eastside neighbourhoods. The good news is that this map is... Continue reading »

February 17, 2010   |   0 comments