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Reading of the Proclamation of Confederation, Springer Square, Kingston ON, 1867. 150+ public space activities for today, tomorrow and the upcoming months, Part 2

Our second installment of 150+ things to do in Vancouver’s public spaces. You can find the first 50 items here. Stay tuned for part 3, coming tomorrow. Enjoy! 51. Take a self-guided walking tour (link, link, link, link) 52. Walk, ride,... Continue reading »

July 2, 2017   |   0 comments
Canada Day - Flags - Photo by Keith JJ 150+ public space activities for today, tomorrow, and the upcoming months – Part I

It’s Canada’s 150th birthday today, a fine date for the nation-state we call home, but also one that has rightly been called into question. The “story” of Canada is a complex one, involving layers of indigenous and settlement history, the dynamics... Continue reading »

July 1, 2017   |   0 comments
Canada 150+ Logo Canada 150+ : Place naming and re-naming, design principles, and commemoration

Earlier today, City Council discussed the idea of a new project to mark the Canada 150+ celebrations. It came in the form of a Council motion that touched upon place naming (and re-naming), indigenous design principles, mapping commemorative plaques and more.... Continue reading »

March 28, 2017   |   0 comments