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Cathedral Square, the site of Vancouver’s first underground substation Digging deeper: Unearthing the facts of BC Hydro’s Seed initiative

By Wendee Lang, VPSN Open Spaces You may have heard of the BC Hydro Seed project, which proposed to redesign and enhance three open spaces in downtown Vancouver, in exchange for the opportunity to build underground substations. Heralded as innovative... Continue reading »

April 2, 2017   |   0 comments
impromptu Water Display Poor David Lam Park…

Poor David Lam Park can’t cut a break. As we speak, half of David Lam Park’s main field (and with it: most of it’s functionality) is closed off due to construction of BC Hydro’s City Central Transmission Project. The park... Continue reading »

February 15, 2011   |   0 comments