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Sun after rainfall, Arroyo Park, Bellingham. Photo: Naomi Reichstein Weekend plans: Hiking the Bellingham Interurban rail-to-trail, with lessons for the Arbutus Greenway

By Naomi Wittes Reichstein, communications coordinator and Arbutus Greenway project lead, VPSN Recently I crossed the border for an overnight stay in what is probably my favourite small town in the United States. Bellingham, Washington. The friendliest human ambience. Proximity to... Continue reading »

April 8, 2017   |   0 comments
"Artbutus": Street art along the Arbutus Greenway calls for more/photo by Naomi Reichstein Talking the line: Visions for Arbutus Greenway at stakeholder workshop

Writing and photography by Naomi Wittes Reichstein, VPSN communications coordinator and Arbutus Greenway project lead We’ve been following closely the latest developments on the Arbutus Greenway, Vancouver’s 9-km rail-to-trail corridor. On February 2, I was excited to attend the stakeholders’ workshop... Continue reading »

February 9, 2017   |   0 comments
Arbutus_Greenway Crossing - Joep O Back on track: Vancouver resumes Arbutus Greenway construction and consultation

by Naomi Wittes Reichstein, VPSN communications coordinator and Arbutus Greenway project lead Photos by Joep Olthuis In October, we reported on Vancouver’s unprecedented rail-to-trail Arbutus Greenway project and on the VPSN’s advocacy for making the most of this corridor as... Continue reading »

January 28, 2017   |   0 comments
arbutus-greenway-illustration-landing Arbutus Greenway: some ideas for the path ahead

Earlier this year, the City of Vancouver announced that it had reached a deal with CP Rail to purchase the Arbutus corridor, a former railway right-of-way. The intention, as stated at the time, was to create a linear greenway, with the... Continue reading »

October 10, 2016   |   0 comments
arbutus-greenway City purchases Arbutus Corridor – for greenway, possible streetcar route

Concept of the proposed Arbutus Greenway (City of Vancouver) After several months of negotiations, the City of Vancouver and CP Rail have reached an agreement on the future of the Arbutus Corridor. The City will purchase the 9km rail line... Continue reading »

March 7, 2016   |   0 comments