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The Hidden Gifts of Retail: Resilience and Planning for Community Life

January 19, 2021
6 PM – 7:30 PM

Via SFU Public Square:

The Hidden Gifts of Retail: Resilience and Planning for Community Life

During the pandemic, businesses like grocery stores, liquor stores and pharmacies were all deemed “essential,” but the vast majority of storefront retail experienced direct closures and diverted shopping to Amazon. Even when retail was put into the category of “businesses we need to save,” it was usually in terms of jobs and income, while ignoring the functions that retail businesses provide in our community.

In this talk, Jeremy Stone will explore the critical and often hidden roles that retail businesses play in our lives, highlighting how they are nodes of knowledge-sharing, social capital creation, innovation, and community support.

He will also describe his team’s ongoing work in economic resilience planning with municipalities, and how community engagement can identify and support this important fabric of our economy.

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