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Safe in Public Space | Stewardship & Governance in Public Space (Online Talk)

December 2, 2020
9 AM – 10 AM

Via the Bentway:

“For those who operate, animate and steward public spaces, discussions around safety are contextualized by a range of factors. Where is the space located? What communities have ties to it? And perhaps most importantly, how is the space governed? No longer are public spaces only managed by local governments. Instead, models for governance now span a much larger spectrum. As the pandemic forces us to reassess our relationships to public space, it is clear that practitioners have valuable knowledge in how to navigate this opportunity for reflection.

The Bentway’s second Safe in Public Space talk will focus on the ways in which stewardship and governance impact experiences of safety. Participants will showcase a diverse set of public spaces and governance models in “case studies” that explain their approaches to participatory planning, community investment, resource allocation and representation. They will address the difficulty in balancing principles and practices with real-world and real-time challenges. The talk will shed light on the management process and how equitable commitments shape both long-term strategic direction and daily decision-making.

PANELISTS: Jane Hall (Assemble Studio), Darnel Harris (Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust), Amowi Philips (Mmofra Foundation) and Romel Pascual (CicLAvia).

MODERATOR: David Carey (The Bentway)

Time: 12:00-1:00 EST

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