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Laneway Living Room - Grandma's House Site Plan Isn’t it time you paid Grandma a visit?

As you undoubtedly read in this earlier post, the Vancouver Public Space Network, with a grant from VIVA Vancouver and support from great neighbours, is transforming two laneways (for one day each) into fun and friendly spaces using upcycled furniture, flea... Continue reading »

July 27, 2017   |   0 comments
675px-Beecher_Creek VPSN Annual General Meeting: New Location + Reminder

A reminder that our Annual General Meeting and BBQ will be taking place this weekend, on Sunday, July 23, at 2:00pm. An important update though: we’ve decided to change the location! We’re currently knee-deep in work-party activities for our upcoming laneway... Continue reading »

July 22, 2017   |   0 comments
Getting to the bottom of Vancouver’s green spaces: A review of green space metrics Getting to the bottom of Vancouver’s green spaces: A review of green space metrics

By Selina Bull, VPSN board member Back in 2011, the City of Vancouver announced its goal of becoming the greenest city in the world by 2020. The City’s Greenest City Action Plan 2020 is the roadmap to getting there, outlining... Continue reading »

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Reading of the Proclamation of Confederation, Springer Square, Kingston ON, 1867. 150+ public space activities for today, tomorrow and the upcoming months, Part 2

Our second installment of 150+ things to do in Vancouver’s public spaces. You can find the first 50 items here. Stay tuned for part 3, coming tomorrow. Enjoy! 51. Take a self-guided walking tour (link, link, link, link) 52. Walk, ride,... Continue reading »

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Canada Day - Flags - Photo by Keith JJ 150+ public space activities for today, tomorrow, and the upcoming months – Part I

It’s Canada’s 150th birthday today, a fine date for the nation-state we call home, but also one that has rightly been called into question. The “story” of Canada is a complex one, involving layers of indigenous and settlement history, the dynamics... Continue reading »

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