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May 10, 2020 at 12:10 PM

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PS I Love You – Well-being Edition. A forum to share your stories!

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Sunbathing in Sutcliffe Park. Photo by Lex Dominiak.

Sunbathing in Sutcliffe Park. Photo by Lex Dominiak.

Public life and public spaces in Vancouver have seen many changes and reinterpretations as a consequence of COVID-19. One thing that has been central to the experience of the pandemic: a realization of how important public spaces are to our individual and collective sense of well-being. 

Public life in the city has changed radically in the space of just a couple of months. COVID-19 has re-written people’s connection with public places, whether their local streets, neighbourhood parks, or civic buildings like libraries and community centres. Outdoor spaces are now shaped by physical distancing protocols and warnings about public health, while many indoor spaces have been shuttered to prevent the spread of the disease. Opportunities for public gatherings of any sort – from outdoor markets to family picnics to larger cultural events — have been entirely transformed.

At the same time, people are also making use of public spaces in different ways: more walking & biking, new public space art, a re-shaping of streets to support the local economy, a 7:00pm symphony of pots and pans to thank hard-working healthcare professionals… and lots more.

How do all of these changes affect our individual and collective well-being? Check out our new PS I Love You initiative – and share your story of public space and well-being in the time of COVID-19.

We want to hear from you!

Share your ‘love letter’ to a public space that is helping you get through the pandemic, or let us know about a public space (or activity) that you are longing for. What are the places that lift your mind, body or heart. Are there ways in which the experience of COVID-19 has changed your view of public space in general? Your stories could include such ideas as:

  • Which activities or outdoor public spaces in Vancouver give you a sense of well-being? How has this changed with COVID-19?
  • Which activities or outdoor public spaces are you missing and why are those important to your health/wellbeing?
  • What do your experiences tell us about the critical equity lessons which we need to learn from this experience? How can the City of Vancouver and its public spaces adapt to better serve the community in the future?

Post your stories and pictures to Twitter or Instagram and hashtag with #PSILoveYou. You can also email us – We’ll repost your ‘letters’ on this blog, and via our @vpsn (Twitter) and @vancouverpublicspace (Insta) accounts.

:: More information via the PS I Love You (Well-Being Edition) Project Page

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