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February 2, 2020 at 5:37 PM

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Democratizing City finances: the West End Participatory Budget Process

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Do you live, work, or volunteer in the West End? If so, you can cast a vote in the City’s first Participatory Budget initiative. 14 ideas are vying for support. We’re not picking any favourites, but there are some great public space ideas here!
Each of these proposals was generated by community members, and further refined by volunteers with support from City of Vancouver staff. A total of $100,000 is due to be allocated, so several projects could conceivably be funded through the initiative.
  1. Chalk Art Block Party
  2. School sports or music equipment
  3. Davie Village flower baskets
  4. Eat.Play.Connect – summer recreation events
  5. Happy Denman – street redesign testing
  6. Healthy Minds, Healthy Hearts – mental health services
  7. Pedestrian crossing at Barclay & Nicola Streets
  8. Senior’s Transportation Service
  9. Sidewalk Improvements
  10. Calisthenics Space
  11. Care Kits (for homeless)
  12. Emergency Childcare Grant
  13. Food Hub
  14. Placemaking Mural
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