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February 1, 2020 at 1:02 PM

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Spaces for History & Culture: Black History Month 2020

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Hogan's Alley - Bu P508.53 - View of Hogan's Alley - 1958

Welcome to February & the first day of #BlackHistoryMonth! An important opportunity to reflect on the contributions of Vancouver’s Black communities to the life of the city. Lots of activities taking place over the next 28 days. Find our more at the Black History Month website.
While this is a time to celebrate, it’s also a time to reflect. In that spirit, a few items to pass along:
  1. The following Dannielle Piper article in The Tyee looks at the history of Black neighbourhoods in Metro Van.

  2. Wayde Compton, a driving force behind the Hogan’s Alley Memorial Project, has written extensively on this area. For much of the 20th c, Hogan’s Alley was at the heart Vancouver’s Black community in Strathcona. A good overview can be found here.
  3. For those interested in a deeper dive into Hogan’s Alley, check out the following study guide put together by the Vancouver Public Library.
  4. Be sure to follow the fantastic work of the Hogan’s Alley Society on twitter and Facebook. (Sidenote: These fine folks put on some great block parties last summer!)
  5. One more Hogan’s Alley item – this time a recent video put together called “Return to Hogan’s Alley.”
  6. For those interested in a broader geographic perspective on local Black history and culture, be sure to check out the work of the BC Black History Awareness Society (BCBHAS).
The above is just a small sample of the resources available on Black history in this city. Feel free to send any others you’d like to see on the list our way.
Photo: View of Hogan’s Alley, 1958. Vancouver Archives.

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