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January 2, 2020 at 1:48 PM

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TBTPS: Polar Bear Swim in 1930 & 1968

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200102 - CVA 99-2100 - New Year's Day swim - 1930

In honour of yesterday’s 100th annual Polar Bear Swim, today’s #TBTPS shows the scene on New Year’s Day in 1930 (lead image) and again in 1968.

Annual New Year's Day Polar Bear Swim - 1968

Annual New Year’s Day Polar Bear Swim – 1968

Check out the English Bay Pier – not to mention the fantastic swim trunks – in the first image!

For more on the Polar Bear Swim you can check out the Park Board’s webpage here, as well as a VPSN article (and cool word-of-the-day) here.

Images courtesy of the Vancouver Archives.

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