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March 1, 2019 at 5:35 PM

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Life Between Umbrellas – design ideas competition website

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The Life Between Umbrellas competition website is now live, so be sure to head to to learn more about our exciting design ideas and activation competition. The website contains information on the three competition streams (and the submission requirements and prizes associated with each). There’s also a section on rain-friendly precedents, which we will be adding to over the next few weeks.

For those that took place in last year’s pop-up Umbrella Wall engagement events, or the subsequent workshops on rain-friendly spaces, you’ll be pleased to find our updated Principles for Rain-friendly Public Spaces. Much gratitude to everyone that contributed to that process.

Another big thank you goes out to the participants in Wednesday’s launch event for the competition. We had a sold out event at Creekside, lots of great discussion, and five excellent guest “provocateurs” – all of which helped to get the competition off to a roaring start.

Next up? That’s where you come in! If you have an idea for a rain-friendly public space, a rain-friendly design feature, or a celebratory pop-up event, head over to the website and register as a participant. (There’s no cost, but signing up will ensure that you get regular updates on the competition over the next few weeks). Next, check out the entry requirements for the different streams and get ready to share your ideas for how we can make Vancouver a more rain-friendly city.

You don’t need to be a professional designer to enter, so sharpen those pencils and get creative!

Life Between Umbrellas is jointly produced by the Vancouver Public Space Network and the City of Vancouver VIVA Vancouver program.

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