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April 30, 2018 at 5:31 PM

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Lend a hand – VPSN Volunteer Opportunities (Early May)

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Lunch Meet on Abbott St

Want to lend a hand improving local public spaces? We’ve got lots of volunteer activities taking place this coming week and beyond. 

Bike Rack Design Jam

May 2 @ 6pm – Creekside Community Centre - The City of Vancouver is currently holding a Bike Rack Design Competition. Very cool! To help with the process, we’ve organized a “Design Jam” where you can come connect with like-minded public space enthusiasts and collaborate on ideas. There’ll be a short presentation by City staff – and then it’s time to roll up the sleeves. No design experience necessary!

:: Please RSVP via

Volunteer Orientation

Thursday, May 3 @ 6pm - Our monthly VPSN-101 session. Join an orientation meeting to learn about the history and structure of the VPSN, and get an overview of our current projects and volunteer opportunities.

:: More info:

Communications Meeting

Thursday, May 3 @ 7pm - Interested in writing about, or photo-documenting, public space? We use these sessions to come up with story ideas, map out a plan for the VPSN blog, and collaborate on other communications projects.

:: More info:

Seat-Mapping – Public Seating Survey

Saturday, May 5 – Times TBD – Public seating is a key element in successful public and pedestrian spaces. But how well are our public spaces doing when it comes to providing seating? And how much of it is truly public? As a first step in answering these questions, we’ve started a mapping project to assess key streets to see how they perform in this regard. We’ll be kicking things off on May 5, and are looking for volunteers to take charge of mapping one or more areas across the city.

:: To sign up, or for more information email the Seat Mapping team via


Other cool things you can take part in:

Arbutus Greenway – Concept Review

The Arbutus Greenway will be a defining element of Vancouver’s urban landscape as a vibrant and beautiful public space for walking, cycling, and streetcar. A concept design has just been released and you can share your thoughts.

:: Arbutus Webpage

City Capital Planning Process

The City is updating their long-term financial plan for infrastructure areas such as affordable housing, child care, transportation, community facilities, parks, streets, sewers, and more. They’re looking for input on how to shape priorities.

:: Capital Planning Webpage

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