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October 5, 2017 at 7:54 PM

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Seasonal Effective Design – Placemaking for the Rainy Months

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Frida & Frank's pop-up ping pong at the VPSN Laneway LivingRoom event - August 2017

Frida & Frank's pop-up ping pong at the VPSN Laneway LivingRoom event - August 2017

Hey, do you want to support a great local placemaking venture? Our friends at Frida & Frank have been enlivening public spaces around town with their pop-up ping pong tables. We had them at our Laneway Living Room event in August, and you’ve probably also seen them at the new Adanac & Vernon plaza. They do great work.

Like us, they’re concerned with the plight of our public spaces come the rainy season, and they’ve decided to launch an initiative to encourage winter-time placemaking. As they note:

With a lack of covered public space in Vancouver, unfacilitated social interactions between people turn scarce in the wintertime. As people are less likely to engage in outdoor activities when it rains this places Vancouverites at high risk for Seasonal Affective Disorder.

By working intimately with nature and embracing the rain, we are able to focus on social healing rather than threaten social and physical wellness. Together, with the community, we will act as urban catalysts to encourage social healing through Seasonal Effective Design.

As part of this Seasonal Effective Design program, they are looking at a variety of ways to enhance the Vernon and Adanac space during the darker months – including weather-proofing, events, and lots more colour. To support this, they’ve recently launched a crowd-funding campaign. If you’ve got a few extra bucks, please consider supporting this worthwhile venture!

:: Support Frida + Frank’s Seasonal Effective Design Initiative

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