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July 2, 2017 at 1:06 PM

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150+ public space activities for today, tomorrow and the upcoming months, Part 2

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Reading of the Proclamation of Confederation, Springer Square, Kingston ON, 1867.

Reading of the Proclamation of Confederation, Springer Square, Kingston ON, 1867.

Our second installment of 150+ things to do in Vancouver’s public spaces. You can find the first 50 items here. Stay tuned for part 3, coming tomorrow. Enjoy!

51. Take a self-guided walking tour (link, link, linklink)
52. Walk, ride, or roll along Vancouver’s newest linear park the Arbutus Greenway (link)
53. Trace the route of Vancouver’s once and future streetcar line (link)
54. Blow bubbles (link)
55. Take a newcomer to the city on a bike ride (link)
56. Be an entrepreneur and set up a lemonade stand (link)
57. Put your swimsuit on and do some lengths in the Kits Beach pool (link)
58. Break the law: go to a Vancouver after 10:00pm (link)
59. Paint a mural (link)
60. Take a stand! Voice your opinion at the Jim Deva speakers corner (link)
61. Find a string of outdoor patio lights and create an outdoor ‘room’ (link)
62. Visit one of our downtown privately owned public spaces for lunch (link, link, link)
63. Play pingpong at Guiness Plaza
64. Snag a Tyranitar for your collection… or see what other Pokémon you can find (link)
65. Put your phone away, walk a high street, look up at the buildings around you (link)
66. Test your skills with a hullahoop
67. Join the urban sketchers and practice drawing your city (link)
68. Walk the labyrinth at Renfrew Ravine, and check out the Moon Festival (link, link)
69. PDA
70. Say hello to the salmon at Still Creek or Musqueam Park (link, link)
71. Fill up your waterguns and get ready for the 2017 waterfight! (link)
72. Grab a 6-pack and have a beer on beer island. (But please pack out your cans!) (link)
73. Get of the SkyTrain two stops early
74. Download the buried streams map and trace an old waterway. Listen carefully! (link)
75. Fly a kite
76. Make a lantern and light up the night (link, link)
77. Be a public space researcher and evaluate a park or plaza (link, link)
78. Find Douglas Coupland and stick gum on his head. (PS, yes, we know the statue is gone).
79. Skateboard at the plaza, or on one of the other parks around town (link)
80. Be a sidewalk advocate. Call 3-1-1 or use #VanConnect to report problems (link)
81. Seedbomb and guerilla garden your ‘hood (link)
82. Plan ahead for this year’s Culture Crawl (link)
83. Get cinematic with a free outdoor movie (link, link)
84. Make media at the VPL Inspiration Lab (link)
85. Think about using a billboard as a giant canvas for public art (link)
86. Connect with your neighbours. Make a project. Apply for a Neighbourhood Small grant (link)
87. Have a yardsale
88. Make a friendly street poster and put it up around your ‘hood (link)
89. Chase pigeons
90. Make a public sundial (link)
91. Take a nap outdoors
92. Grab a bite at one of the city’s excellent street food vendors (link)
93. Get learning! Sign up for a course at your local community centre (link)
94. Help to transform an derelict alley into a Laneway Living Room (link)
95. Support your local independents. Keep our commercial streets distinct and authentic!
96. 50 other shades on a rainy day! Trade in your black umbrella for one that’s bold and bright.
97. Point the way to something cool. Make your own wayfinding sign.
98. Write a short post about your favourite public space. We’ll publish it! (link)
99. Learn about local ecology at the Stanley Park Ecology Society Nature House (link)
100. Take to the streets in old Japantown as part of the Powell Street Festival (link)

Are we missing something? Drop us a line and let us know what your favourite public space activity is. We’ll add it to the list.

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