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By Jaspal Marwah

September 7, 2016 at 11:27 AM

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Active Fiction Project returns!

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The Active Fiction Project returns to Riley Park!

Check out a real life ‘create your own adventure’! A mashup of public art, literary fiction and walking tours, the Active The Active Fiction Project creates short, fictional, stories set in a Vancouver neighbourhood that feature you, the reader, as the protagonist. The self-guided stories are ‘hidden’ in public spaces for readers to discover by walking, or biking, through the same neighbourhood in which the story unfolds.​

Starts at the planters boxes at the back of Bean Around the World cafe at Main & e20th. From there you’ll find directions to the rest of the chapters hidden about the neighbourhood.
Now through Sept 18
Free! Suitable for adults, teens, older kids.
Please help us share the news. Get some friends, a date, a neighbour, grab a coffee and go for an Active Fiction walk!
Happy walking (or biking),
The Active Fiction Team

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