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October 31, 2014 at 8:00 AM

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compiled bi-weekly by Brittany Morris


  • Les Passages Insolites is an urban public space art festival that brings a vibrant kaleidoscope of contemporary art installations to Quebec City’s forgotten passages, making the invisible, visible.



  • Forget the urban highway and restore walking as a way of life. Project for Public Spaces paves the road towards creating liveable streets for everyone by challenging the high-speed, auto-centric landscape of many urban centres.
  • While street trading and vendors play a vital role in the informal economy of a city, and also add to the vitality and public experiences of cities, street traders are often left out of the urban design equation. Including informal vending in a city’s streetscape, especially where street vending is growing such as in Bangkok, also brings forth this question discussed on Informal City Dialogues—How Can We Reconcile Street Vending With Pedestrian-Friendly Sidewalks?
  • As a commuter in Nigeria’s megacity Lagos you’ll spend over three hours in traffic on your daily grind. While mobility remains a challenge for the city’s commuters, Lagos is pursuing mass transit options, such as installing Africa’s first bus rapid transit. Find out more on what the future of sustainable transport looks like in Lagos.



  • How do you ask the people of Shoreditch, East London for their thoughts on how they imagine green spaces in their community? Drop four large cubes in public parks.
  • NL Architects have restructured shipping containers into interactive public kiosks that aim to facilitate interaction in Seoul’s Dongdaemun Plaza.
  • Using Caracas, London and Cape Town as examples, This Big City article focuses on the in-between spaces of our cities, and how these under-utilized parts of the urban landscape can benefit the community.


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