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July 29, 2011 at 6:13 PM

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6:30pm Davie and Seymour: keeping the politics in Pride

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110729-Trans Pride March

It’s a good time not to be driving a car downtown. Critical Mass has just started rolling down Howe Street and a few scant blocks away a march for trans-rights is making it’s way east towards Seymour.

The weather has turned friendly again. A good time for some public space fun. Saturday sees the first Celebration of Lights take place. A few hours after the last fireworks fade another explosion of colour will unfold with the pageantry of the Pride Parade (

Add to that some nice opportunities to scribble laser graffiti on a cop shop (see elsewhere in the blog or check out our location map), some fancy Viva Vancouver events (, farmers markets ( and fun at Robson Square (… and you’re set for good times in public space.

Bon appetit!

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