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March 4, 2010 at 1:20 PM

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Post-Games media: Jackie Wong on gathering people and moving them around, Travis Lupick on surveillance

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This just in from Jackie Wong at the West Ender – a fine article on the idea of public gatherings being the true legacy of the Olympics. The unprecedented number of people that took to the streets, animated downtown public spaces, and — are all helping to ajust our notion of what is possible for the city’s public realm.

Trevor Boddy makes a nice point when he says:

“The theatre of the streets is probably the biggest legacy of the Cultural Olympiad, even though it wasn’t an Olympic event.” 

And as the article also points out, the transportation plan for the Games was another winner – and some that needs to be better integrated into the everyday realities of post-Olympic Vancouver. This from Gordon Price:

“I think it’s taken a big argument off the table: ‘You won’t get people out of their cars.’ Well, yeah. Apparently, you can…”

Our piece in the article supports these ideas, advocates for the removal of Olympic surveillance cameras, and pushes for planning that takes a proactive approach to accomodating the public space needs of a growing population.

:: Read the complete article by Jackie Wong here.

And while on the subject of CCTV, an article by Travis Lupick in today’s Georgia Straight takes a look at the post-Games surveillance legacy. 

Seems a possible change in plans may be afoot. Councillor Andrea Reimer is on-record saying that the City is contemplating keeping 14 of the 90-odd cameras it installed for the Olympics. It’s unclear what will be happening to the other 75 that were purchased earlier in the year (e-bay? craigslist?). We’ll be trying to find some answers to this one over the next few weeks…

:: Read the complete Georgia Straight article by Travis Lupick here.

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