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January 23, 2008 at 7:14 AM

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Announcing re:place – a soon-to-be award-winning public space magazine – kind of like Spacing, but suitable for West Coast diets and sensibilities�

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Over the last year, our friends at re:place magazine have been hard at work creating the foundations from which to make the proposed publication a success. The aim of re:place is to provide an electronic and print forum that looks at urban issues in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland – with a strong focus on matters connected with public space and the public realm.

We’re stoked to hear that they’re on the cusp of launching their revamped website, so we thought we’d share this update with you. We encourage you all to check out their site, support their publication, and contribute and stories and photos you might think are relevant (except, of course, the really, really good ones… which you should send to us first).

Anyway, here’s what they’re saying:

A new year, a new look, a new start.

Over the last year, the re:place team has been hard at work creating the foundations from which to make re:place magazine a success. We have been busy drafting a business plan, forming an advisory panel, applying for funding, establishing key relationships, contacting potential contributors, creating the identity of the magazine, and scoping themes for the first three issues. Alongside the magazine development, we have also been moving forward with the development of our website. We recently redesigned our website to include a news/blog/eplace component that will feature short articles, timely news items, videos, links, and photographs. A comments section enables visitors to the site to add their voice to the conversation, while our polls will gage the opinion of visitors on timely issues. Check out our beta website at

A particularly exciting development is the strong relationship we have forged with Toronto’s Spacing Magazine. Once our site is ready for launch we will be linking up with Spacing Toronto and Spacing Montreal to create a national forum on public space issues. This relationship will effectively link Canada’s three largest cities and create a vehicle to explore and compare the public realm and urban landscapes across these regions.

All we need to move forward on this is content and regular contributors. This is where you come in.

We invite potential contributors to submit to us short articles or posts that will be published on our website. Topics can range from municipal politics, infrastructure, public spaces, arts & culture, design, transportation, or whatever public realm issue that you would like to comment on. Articles should be short and timely. If you have an image to accompany your post, even better. We are also looking for regular contributors for our website. If you have a lot to say and are looking for a format to say it, please consider becoming a regular blogger.

We will still publish a print edition of the magazine, and we will be looking for contributors for that publication, but given the limited time and resources we have, we are focusing our efforts on getting the website up and running first. In the meantime, we invite your involvement with the website.

Ways to get involved:

  1. Submit an article to our e-place.
  2. Become a regular blogger.
  3. Join our flickr pool. We will be drawing images for our website and publication from local photographers. All photographs will be credited and linked to the photographer’s website. Our flickr pool can be found at
  4. Work on your pitch for our first print edition. The first print edition of the magazine will be a primer on public space in Vancouver.
  5. Hook us up with a sugar daddy. Seriously. We are looking for funding sources and potential advertisers. If you have ideas, please let us know!
  6. Volunteer to help us organize the launch.
  7. Tell your friends. We want to be the site that people visit to find out about their city. Tell your friends to help make that happen.

If you are interested in contributing, send an email to amanda |at|

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